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  1. R. vanzolini tads breaking from their protective jellies
    20 Dec, 2016
    R. vanzolini tads breaking from their protective jellies
    These little "vanzos" are between 10 and 14 days old. They are pictured here after having broken out of their individual protective jelly-like membranes that keep them safe through development to a tadpole. From here they will be transferred to a bromeliad cup or other area with a small pool of water for them to develop into frogs in.
  2. "Day 1" - Vanzolini eggs
    20 Dec, 2016
    "Day 1" - Vanzolini eggs
    A photo of what R. vanzolini poison dart frog eggs look like the day they are laid in their protective jellies.
  3. O. pumilio, "Solarte", female, feeding tadpole
    20 Dec, 2016
    O. pumilio, "Solarte", female, feeding tadpole
    This female Oophaga pumilio (Solarte locale) is pictured here just after feeding her young tadpole that's located in the cup of this bromeliad. This species is an obligate egg feeder which means that the parents are required to care for the young by depositing infertile eggs into the bromeliad cup for the tadpole to eat.
  4. R. Vanzolini egg surprise!
    19 Dec, 2016
    R. Vanzolini egg surprise!
    While working on re-routing some electrical cords we were lucky and fortunate enough to find three hidden gems buried in the jungle-like habitats that our frogs dwell in. In the very back of the habitat we located a bromeliad in which these "vanzolini" had not only eggs laid in, but an already developed tadpole as well! Sometimes the adults forget where they lay their babies and aren't always the best of parents, but this particular "mom" and "dad" seem to be doing a pretty good job at managing
  5. Spotted Turtles hatch at Fragile Planet!
    17 Dec, 2016
    Spotted Turtles hatch at Fragile Planet!
    Fragile Planet had three little spotted turtles hatched out! These babies were laid as little oval-shaped eggs on October 31, 2016 and hatched into beautiful little spotted round babies December 17, 2016. A total of 47 days incubating. When turtles hatch out of their egg, their carapace, the top shell, is very rounded having taken the shape of the egg. Within a few hours their shell begins to flatten out and they begin to appear more like miniature adults.
  6. When you find life's little surprises....
    03 Dec, 2016
    When you find life's little surprises....
    A thumbnail dart frog tad that was hidden in this bromeliad cup. It's always a nice surprise to find when you're taking care of the micro-jungles that occupy your facility. These kind of discoveries indicate that the animals are thriving in their habitats and are more than less "happy and healthy".
  7. Calling his heart out!
    29 Nov, 2016
    Calling his heart out!
    This little male Oophaga pumilio "blue jeans", often referred to as the "strawberry dart frog" is pictured here calling for a potential mate.