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Frequently asked questions

 Below is an opporunity to review some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, please feel free to send us an email.
  1. Q

    Can we touch the animals?


    Some animals you will be able to interact with while others are not able to be touched. We are happy to discuss this when booking your program to ensure you're getting exactly what you're wanting out of your program.
  2. Q

    I want to book a program, what's next?


    You can book a program with us by either calling the center or sending us an email. Booking a program is fast and easy. Please also have you $100 deposit ready to reserve your date. Of course, you can always call or email for information about booking a program before reserving your date as well.
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    What do we need to prepare for your arrvial?


    All programs need to allow us enough space where the people and animals are at a safe distance away from each other. We ask that wherever you set us up that you leave a minimum of a 4'-5' space between the people and us/the animals. Other preparations may need to be made, depending on your program which we can discuss when you call. We will provide tarps to set under the animals whenever necessary. Although we come prepared, it's always a good idea to have some form of hand sanitizing station or opportunity available.
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    I would like to book a program for something not listed on your website, what should I do ?


    We are here to help. Give us a call or an email and we will help design a program that meets your needs.
  5. Q

    How far will you travel?


    Fragile Planet will travel anywhere within a 3-hour radius. Please note that anything over 45 miles will be subject to a travel fee of $1 per mile, one way.
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    Any DO NOTS that I should be aware of?


    YES! Please make sure all pets are put away and secured. A random pet dog, cat, or otherwise not only distracts the presenters, but it can also upset and scare the animals. Again, no other animals should be unsecured when we are on site. Along with that, while animals are out, please avoid the use of balloons, noise makers, or the like that may startle the animals or cause distraction for the presenters.
  7. Q

    It's going to be a really hot day, can we have the program outside?


    Outdoor programs are limited to temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees for the health and safety of the animals. It is also appreciated if near-by water sources are available.
  8. Q

    Our kids are very rambunctious, will that be okay?


    No. When the animals are out all children must be kept calm and under control for the health and safety of them and the animals. If our hosts are unable to control the children in an area the animals will be put away and the program will end without a refund.
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