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Wild Encounters

  • Over 40 years combined experience!
  • Engaging and Interactive!
  • Professional!
  • HUGE assortment of exotic and domestic animals!
  • Houston, Dallas, San Antonio...
  • Safe!
  • Affordable!
  • Once in a lifetime experience!
Be sure to read our FAQ's page for more information regarding our programs. Information will include what you need to be prepared for and how to do so!
Not all animals are available for public interaction. Call us today to learn about what animals will be right for your program!
Our programs are fully customizeable. If you have specific needs or requests, please be sure to reach out to us and we'd be more than happy to help develope a program and a price for you!
Each year, the Library Systems of Texas develope reading and engaging activities based on a state-wide theme. This year, in order to assist the libraries with their mission, Fragile Planet Wildlife Center will be providing those libraries with programming that matches their Summer Reading Programs: "Build a Better World". We look forward to visiting your library and helping educate students of all ages just how building a better world can be accomplished by utilizing engaging and interactive outreach programs.
  1. Library Programs
    Library Programs are offered with the following options: 1. 45 minute program, 6 animals - $450 2. 1-hour program, 8 animals - $500 3. Two 45-minute programs - $850 4. Two 1-hour programs - $925
  2. For the Classroom, Pre-K - 6th
    1. 30 minute program, 4 animals - $175 2. 45 minute program, 6 animals - $250 3. Two 30-minute programs - $300 4. Two 45-minute programs - $425
  3. For the Classroom Cont., 7th - 12th
    1. 45 minute program, 5 animals - $275 2. 1 hour program, 7 animals - $300 3. Two 45-minute programs - $425 4. Two 1-hour programs - $500
  4. Church & VBS
    45 minutes, 6 animals - $275
  5. Public Events, Displays, Etc...
    Stationary Exhibits - Call for pricing Strolling Zookeeper - $150 per hour, 2 animals


*Please Note*
ALL programs and presentations require a minimum deposit of $100 to hold a date!