Tyler Thomas, Director (right) Nicholas Stacey, Asst. Director (left)
  2. Our MISSION:
    Our MISSION:
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    Our VISION:
    Magic was the true inspiration that took Fragile Planet Wildlife Center and raised it to greater heights in promoting conservation through education.
Fragile Planet Proudly Supports
The mission and purpose of AFA shall be to promote the advancement of Aviculture through educational programs that support the advancement and improvement of breeding practices, husbandry practices, and living conditions for exotic birds, conservation, research and legislative awareness.

Fragile Planet Wildlife Center is a supporting commerical member of the American Federation of Aviculture. 

Please join us fall of 2018 for an educational experience for bird fanciers of all types at the national convention where our Director, Tyler Thomas, will be guest speaking on his experience with wildlife regulation. Tyler will also be speaking in conjunction with Jason Crean, PhD on the topic of developing quality and engaging educational wildlife programming. Hope to see you there!
Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity in Montgomery, Texas, whose mission is to rescue and provide a loving, exceptional home to non-releasable wolves and wolfdogs, and to educate the public about these animals.

With his experience in all things wildlife, Tyler has just accepted a position on the Board of Directors for St. Francis Wolf Sanctuary. His experience will be utilized as a sounding board for the animal department at the sanctuary. Tyler looks forward to working with all the staff and other members of the board in developing an amazing new center that both the public and the wolves will love!