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About the Center

The Founders

Fragile Planet's founders, Tyler and Nick, have been working with all forms of wildlife since a very young age. Tyler's father also ran his own wildlife center and zoo while Tyler was growing up, and specialized in the care and management of exotic felids and later began a college career in Animal Management. Nick grew up in the mid-west spending his time from a young age doing field research and specializing in herpetoculture and aquarium design and maintenance, also specializing in life-support systems. 
Fragile Planet Wildlife Center is a strong-rooted organization located in the northern parts of New York State. Our purpose is to educate the masses the importance of wildlife and environmental conservation. Aside from education, we also participate in Species Survival Programs in collaboration with various accredited zoological institutions, operate a small-sized wildlife rehabilitation clinic, offer consultation to other zoo and wildlife-based entities with emphasis in program animal development, life support systems, and herpetile exhibitry, while also providing ourselves as an exotic animal rescue and rehab center as needed. 

We're Expanding

Fragile Planet is growing and advancing it's efforts into Texas right along I-45 between Dallas and Houston! We look forward to bringing educational programming like no other to the great state of TX! For more information, please feel free to contact us via email with any questions. Also, please note, that at this time we are putting programs and presentations in NY on hold. Once we have settled into our TX facility we will once again re-open for programs and presentations in BOTH states.

Conservation through Education
Where we bring the WILD to YOU!
At Fragile Planet, we see and understand the importance of education. Education is an incredibly important facet, but is more thrilling, exciting, and effective when our learners can SEE, TOUCH, and EXPERIENCE firsthand. 

Here we believe conservation is equally as important, as without animals, there will be no people to educate. Our passion and dedication led us to combine the two in an effort to create a willingness and opportunity for others to also help our wildlife in need. 

Through combining Education WITH Conservation, people walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation for wildlife. This instills a more conscious thought process as to how they can not only help the wildlife, but how to leave a small carbon footprint as well where everybody benefits in the end. 
The members of Fragile Planet are told time and time again that our love, our passion, and our dedication not only are obvious and shine but is also contagious with people left wanting to know more. This is EXACTLY what we need and want - to instill an appreciation for wildlife and leave people wanting to know and do more!