New York's WILDEST mobile educational attraction!

Fragile Planet Wildlife Center

Education, Conservation, Preservation

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  1. Conservation
    Our donation of paintings, made possible through animal-enriching activities, are sent to the Laguna Atiscosa Wildlife Refuge as a way to fund field research and protection measures of native Ocelot populations.
  2. Education
    Fragile Planet Wildlife Center brings exciting and educational programs and presentations to various schools, libraries, colleges, and community events. Our diverse collection allows for up-close and awe-inspiring learning opportunities.
  3. Preservation
    Through the rehabilitation of native injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife, Fragile Planet helps preserve our native fauna by releasing these animals back into the wild.
We Bring the WILD to You!
We offer a multitude of programs to learn from!
The opportunity to touch, to see, the to experience not only makes learning FUN and EXCITING, but it's been proven to help students, of all ages, retain information being taught more efficiently and effectively. We look forward to being able to provide these opportunities throughout the state of New York and beyond.

*Please note that we do NOT allow any public contact with any of our native animals, endangered or threatened species, primates, or felids. Contact is limited to supervised interaction with non-dangerous, non-protected wildlife only.
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    Species Survival
    Our center devotes itself to the well-being of various wildlife species by way of Species Survival Programs in collaboration with the Association of Zoo's and Aquariums. Fragile Planet currently participates in six of these programs.
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    The founder of Fragile Planet operates as a member of "All Species Consulting". Because of this we are able to offer opportunities for other facilities to learn and grow in regards to the care of a variety of species. If we are unable to be of assistance we can forward you to another consultant that can.
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    Law Enforcement
    For years, Fragile Planet has offered it's services to the local law enforcement. We assist the Department of Environmental Conservation and other law-enforcement divisions with rescues and confiscations.
Did you know?
There are 3 species of venomous snake native to New York State, and two of them are endangered! The Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, the Timber Rattlesnake, and the Northern Copperheard are all New York native species! Both species of Rattlesnake are considered endangered!
    Licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Fragile Planet is bound by the Animal Welfare Act to ensure the well-being of the animals in our care.
  2. NYS DEC
    Permitted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Fragile Planet maintains proper legality in the acquisition of it's animals.
  3. USFW
    Licensed by the United States Fish and Wildlife division, Fragile Planet has gone through rigorous preparations to not only acquire these specialized permits, but to prove it's higher standard of care and conservation for the species in which it maintains.